Tuesday, April 27, 2010

most imp photo

So the assignment is to choose the most important photograph in my life, and I've been struggling to pick just one because I have a several that immediately emerge from my mind. Two of which are photographs taken by my favorite artists and the other is a photograph of mini me on top of my dad's shoulders.

My two favorite BW photographers have been Philippe Halsman and Henre Cartier Bresson for different reasons. Although Halsman mostly deals with staged photography whereas Bresson deals with unstaged photography, I admire both photographers' ability to capture the decisive moment and to create captivating imageries.

I love the picture of mini me and my dad, and it's very important to me for sentimental reasons, but I guess my favorite photograph that inspires me the most has to be Philippe Halsman's Dali Atomicus. I admire Halsman for his creative mind and expertise to create surrealistic imageries using phtographs as a medium. The notion of surrealism reflected in the suspension of every element in Dali Atomicus is characteristic of Halsman's work and is what I exactly admire and appreciate about his work.

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